E-Smoking in Schools

Protecting Our Children: The Hidden Dangers of Electronic Smoking

As the popularity of electronic smoking devices continues to rise, it is crucial for schools and families to be well informed about the potential hazards they pose to our children's health and wellbeing. This resource aims to shed light on the risks associated with electronic smoking, also known as vaping, and offers guidance on how to address this issue in our communities.

Understanding Electronic Smoking Devices

  • Electronic smoking devices are commonly known as e-cigarettes, vapes, or vape pens
  • Components of these devices take various forms resembling everyday school objects such as highlighters and pens making them hard to identify in schools
  • Electronic smoking appeals to children and adolescence through appealing flavors, shapes, and sizes

Health Risks of Electronic Smoking for Children

  • The presence of nicotine has serious impacts on cognitive development (attention, learning, memory, and mood)
  • Increased likelihood of transitioning to traditional cigarette smoking
  • Harmful chemicals are found in vapes such as cleaning products and have potential health consequences including lung diseases

How Children Access Electronic Smoking Devices

  • Online purchases, retail stores, and acquiring from friends or community members

Prevention and Education Strategies for Schools and Families

  • Implementing educational programs to inform students about the dangers of electronic smoking
  • Encouraging open communication between families, children, and educators
  • Advocating to enforce regulations to prevent access to electronic smoking devices
  • Providing information and support for children struggling with nicotine addiction or seeking to quit electronic smoking

Together, schools and families play a vital role in safeguarding the health of our children. By staying informed about the risks associated with electronic smoking, fostering open communication, and implementing preventative measures, we can create a safer and healthier environment for our young people.


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