About us

NT COGSO influences the direction of public education for the benefit of our students.

The Northern Territory Council of Government School Organisations (NT COGSO) was founded in 1971 to represent the interests of the families and school communities of children attending Northern Territory public schools.

NT COGSO is a member based, not-for-profit association which is governed by our constitution under the NT Association Act.  Our objectives are to ensure the interests of government schools, through our affiliated members, are represented to the Northern Territory and Australian governments, including their agencies.


NT COGSO’s mission is to encourage continual improvement in the provision of quality education outcomes for all students in public education. To support this mission, we actively work towards the advancement of public education by encouraging the fullest co-operation and engagement between home and school, education authorities, the Northern Territory and Australian governments and key stakeholders. 


NT COGSO’s vision is to continuously improve our position as the peak Parent/School Representative Body in the Northern Territory. Our focus is contemporary educational and social issues through the defined strengths of our affiliated membership. We seek to make a significant contribution to the support of young people and their parents by being actively engaged in the public education system.

Basis for Authority

NT COGSO is bound by our Constitution in line with the Northern Territory Associations Act. NT COGSO has all of the usual obligations associated with an incorporated association. 

Who we are

NT COGSO is a large volunteer organisation which includes a representative from each educational region in the Northern Territory. Regional Representatives attend four weekend Executive meetings each year, where they discuss issues relevant to parents and students in public education. 

The governing authority of NT COGSO is the NT Full Council comprising of all affiliated Schools. An NT Full Council Conference is held annually in Semester 2, where Regional and school representatives discuss and determine direction and policies for the organisation.


The management of the NT Full Council is vested in the Executive, which has power to do all things necessary to achieve the objectives of the Council. 
The Executive consists of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer 
  • One (1) representative from each educational region

The Executive may invite an additional three (3) persons who the Executive considers to have special qualifications, knowledge or experience which will be able to assist the Executive in the exercise and performance of its functions by giving of information or advice, to be a member of Executive.


Our office is based in Darwin and comprises of an Executive Officer, an Executive Coordinator and Governance, Mentoring and Training Officers.

Executive Officer

Our Executive Officer is responsible for the implementation and achievement of NT COGSO’s Strategic Plan, managing staff, and physical and financial assets of the organisation. The Executive Officer also has charge of the overall direction of corporate planning, budget activities and external relations.

Executive Coordinator

Our Executive Coordinator is responsible for exercising independent judgment and considerable initiative to provide a wide range of managerial support to The Executive Officer and overall senior administration for the organisation.

Project Manager, Community Engagement and Governance

The Project Manager, Community Engagement and Governance is the central point of contact for all Northern Territory (NT) government schools and School Representative Bodies in relation to governance assistance and training by identifying training needs, organising training, developing and reviewing culturally appropriate training resources. The Project Manager - Community Engagement and Governance is also responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with all relevant stakeholders.

Training Officers 

Training Officers deliver flexible, high quality mentoring & training on parent engagement and governance throughout the Northern Territory. Their role educates members and potential members in the area of governance requirements under the Education Act 2015 & other relevant legislation, guidelines & policies to meet the needs of each school community.