Making a Complaint

Information for parents and carers

While schools are focused on providing the best possible educational outcomes for all students, there may be occasions when practice does not meet certain standards or expectations, and a parent or others wish to make a complaint. Managing complaints appropriately by using fair and consistent practice is an important part of school operations. 

Parents, families, students and members of the community affected by a decision or services provided by a Northern Territory Government school are entitled to seek a resolution of their complaints/concerns.

It is preferable for all concerned that complaints be resolved at the school level wherever possible.

Where this is not possible, the next step is to contact the Department of Education: Resolution Unit.

What is a complainant?

A complainant is a student, parent, community member, business or any other person affected by the actions of the Department of Education and may include a departmental employee in their private capacity who has a complaint.

What might you need to talk about with your child's school?

·         Individual student progress, attendance, participation, social & emotional matters

·         Educational Adjustment Plan/Individual Learning Plan

·         Access to support services

·         Individual learning environments, teaching staff, homework, general student behaviour

·         Individual programs for children with learning difficulties, additional needs or gifted & talented students

·         Any other matter that does not meet your expectation and has not been resolved at the school level


The Department of Education Complaints Management Schools Policy and Guidelines aim to provide a clear process for the management of complaints relating to NTG schools. You can find the relevant policies on the Department website.

Visit the NT Government website for information on how to make a complaint about your child's school.

Department of Education Regional Contacts

To make an enquiry or a complaint about a government school, contact the school's regional office by phone or email

Regional officePhone
Darwin08 8999 5612
Top End08 8999 5612
Central08 8951 1602
East Arnhem08 8987 0807
Big Rivers08 8972 5389
Barkly08 8963 2014


You are welcome to contact NT COGSO for further information

You are welcome to include a copy (cc) to NTCOGSO when sending your complaint to the Department: