NT Department of Education (DoE)

NT COGSO is increasingly called upon by families for critical support for their children with additional needs. We are requested to act as an independent representative during mediation with schools and act as an advocate on behalf of families for the development and six monthly reviews (DoE Policy) of Individualised Education Adjustment Plans (IEAPs).

NT Department of Education (DoE) GUIDELINES Students with Disability

"All students with disability are entitled to an education on the same basis as their peers and should participate equally, through reasonable adjustments and support from their teachers, school staff and the wider community."  


NT Department of Education (DoE) POLICY Students with Disability

"The Department of Education is committed to ensuring that all students with disability receive an education in a supportive environment that values diversity, inclusion and participation.........Schools ensure that students with disability are provided with education services and support appropriate to their needs. Planning for personalised learning and support is imperative for students with disability."


The Disability Standards for Education (Education Standards) were created under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA)

Support: Disability Standards for Education: A Practical Guide for Individuals, Families and Communities