Annual General Meeting


The school’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an important meeting and if done effectively it should be informative and brief. A variety of reports are presented and the new Representative Body members are elected. The purpose of an AGM is for parents, staff and your school community to be informed of the progress of the school in the last 12 months, as well as the activities of the School Representative Body.

AGM’s must be transparent and open to all members of the school community; this includes members of the public who may not have a student at the school, however have an interest in the school.

Holding the AGM

The School Representative Body must hold their AGM on or before 15 March each year. If this is not possible permission must be sought from the Department of Education (DoE) Chief Executive to hold the meeting after this date.

An AGM must not take place without the Audited Financial report.

Notice of an AGM and Positions Vacant

A School Representative Body must give notice of their AGM to the public at least 14 days prior to the date of the AGM. 

The school Principal is responsible for giving notice. Notice should include the date, time and location of the AGM.  Information should also be made available that clearly outlines the positions vacant and the nomination and election process. Notice should be advertised in the school newsletter, website and noticeboards.


All parents, school staff and members of the school community may attend and should be encouraged to attend. Names of those in attendance at the AGM must be recorded in the minutes by the Secretary.


  • Annual General Meeting Preparation *Updated for 2019* -  PDF 
  • Annual General Meeting Agenda Template *Updated for 2019* - Word
  • Beginning of Year Checklist   -   PDF | Word
  • Invited Member Letter Template - Word
  • Member Register Template  -  PDF | Excel (Printable on A4 Landscape) (For full Membership list on one page, print A3 Portrait.)