School Based Policing

A new school-based policing model must lift the best parts of the previous SBC program and add new thinking to not only return a preventative school-based policing program, but increase safety and reduce victimisation and crime. Long term benefits may result in reducing the escalating numbers of students requiring re-engagement strategies and youth diversion programs.

A preventative policing approach with quality selection and training of officers and collaboration with schools, will strengthen school safety, respectful relationships and student success.


  • Department of Education Review: 2019 School Based Police Program Report - PDF
  • A framework for: School Based Policing - PDF


SBP members

From left to right: MLA Kate Worden, MLA Tony Sievers, Palmerston College Principal Sue Healy, Minister for Education Selena Uibo, Minister for Police Nicole Manison, MLA Ngaree Ah Kit, NTCOGSO President Tabby Fudge, NT Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Murphy