Governance Training

"As a council we have a lot to offer but also a lot to learn, so we had a good day and learnt lots. We are looking forward to you returning for another session"

Governance Training is available to all Northern Territory Government Schools at no cost to the school or School Representative Body Members.

Governance and Mentoring Training Officers deliver contextualised, adaptable and culturally appropriate training to all urban, rural and remote schools. All training is supported by quality resources, ongoing mentoring and support.

Clyde Fenton Primary School

NTCOGSO is funded by the Department of Education to educate members and potential members of a School Representative Body in the areas of governance requirements under the Education Act 2015 (NT), Education Regulations 2015 (NT) and relevant guidelines and policies.

Contact us to book Governance Training for your School Representative Body. 

  • Available Governance Training PDF

"An outstanding presenter and a thorough knowledge of governance. Covers all main points, with examples.. excellent!"