The Education Act 2015 (NT) s.107 Functions of school representative body states

(1)  Subject to subsection (2), a school representative body may, in respect of the Government school or any of the Government schools for which the school representative body is established, do any of the following:

     (l) carry out any activities, if approved by the CEO, for raising money to be expended on,                or in relation to, the school and expend that money accordingly

Schools Plus

Schools Plus connects schools in need with donors to create learning opportunities that change students' lives. Schools Plus was established following the 2011 'Gonski Review' to make it simple, effective and tax deductible to give to eligible schools.

Using the Schools Plus crowdfunding platform, schools and parent/community associations can raise funds and offer donors a tax deduction. It's free to use and is the only platform designed specifically for schools. It offers school supporters the benefit of tax-deductible giving through Schools Plus Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR1) status.

For more information visit the Schools Plus website.

  • Schools Plus Brochure - PDF