Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between a School Representative Body (SRB), a School Council or School Board?

School Representative Body (or SRB) is the collective term used for School Council, School Board or a Joint School Representative Body. A SRB enables parents, communities and schools to work together and make decisions for the school to achieve the best outcomes for their children.

Who is on a SRB?

The Education Act 2015 (NT) requires the following members:

  • Parents of students enrolled at the school must make up at least 50% of the total membership
  • Teacher/s (other than the Principal) who teach at the school
  • The Principal

The Education Act 2015 (NT) also states that a SRB may include additional members:

  • Student Members (if the school is a secondary education provider)
  • Invited Members (when invited by the SRB).
Why should I become a Member?

Elected Members should reflect the breadth, diversity and needs of students enrolled, to ensure the best outcomes for all students and the community. At least half the Members of a School Council or Board must be parents of students enrolled at the school. Parents represent the interests and needs of families, students and the school’s community. They bring important perspectives, knowledge and a range of skills that can support the school, its students and their education outcomes. 

What is the role of a Parent Member?

The importance of parents and communities in the governance of Government schools is valued and recognised in the Education Act 2015 (NT), the Education Regulations 2015 (NT) and the Policy and Guidelines of the Department.
To ensure a Parent voice, the Chair must be an elected Parent Member, and cannot be a Principal or teacher of any Government school. The Secretary and Treasurer roles should also be Parent Members (where possible).

How many times a year must the SRB meet?

To effectively support the school, it is preferred that a meeting is held once a month during the school year. Members must meet at least eight times in a calendar year, including the AGM. The AGM needs to take place by 15 March.