School Representative Bodies

"A great opportunity to take up as a small council. Help to become a better council is always welcome. Thank you!"

School Representative Bodies support schools and their communities to build meaningful partnerships and encourage strong community engagement. A strong School Representative Body ensures decisions are made in the best interests of all students today, tomorrow and into the future.


A School Representative Body may be a:

  1. School Council
  2. School Board
  3. Joint School Representative Body

A School Representative Body is as an Incorporated Body governed by the Education Act 2015 (NT) with its own Constitution. School Representative Bodies are a legal partnership between parents, communities and schools working together for the best outcomes for children.  

NTCOGSO is committed to supporting the vital role families play in their child’s education. We deliver flexible, high quality training, mentoring and advice to support best practice governance and genuine decision making in public schools. 

"Great introduction for a new council member.. interesting content and helpful. Thank you, your support is valued."

    Members can receive training to understand their governance requirements under the Education Act 2015 (NT), Education Regulations 2015 (NT) and related guidelines and policies.

    Our Community Engagement and Governance team is the central point of contact for all NT government schools and School Representative Bodies, and can help you to address your school community’s needs.

    Contact us to seek advice, support, resources, or to book culturally appropriate training.