Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Full Council 2019

As 100% of NT schools are affiliated with NTCOGSO your school is entitled to put forward motions for the Annual Full Council Meeting. This is the one time a year for School Councils and Boards to come together.

The Annual Full Council meeting & AGM will be held on 2 November 2019.

As an affiliate of NTCOGSO your School/School Council/School Board is entitled to:

  • put forward motions for the consideration of those attending the meeting (Schools/ School Councils/Boards)
  • have delegates, with voting rights, present at the meeting
  • nominate persons for positions on the NTCOGSO Executive

Attachments to Download:

  • Invitation Poster: to table at your next meeting and place on your school’s notice board
  • Agenda: 2019 NT Annual Full Council Meeting and AGM
  • Attachment A: will register your attendance (or who you give your proxy to, to vote on your behalf)
  • Attachment B: to table a motion for the meeting to consider and guide NTCOGSO’s work for 2020
  • Attachment C: to nominate for President, Vice President and Treasurer on NTCOGSO’s Executive
  • Attachment D: will enable you to put forward a late motion after Friday 27 September
  • Attachment E: to nominate for Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary of your Regional Council
  • Motions List: from the 2018 NT Full Council Meeting

Invitation NT Annual Full Council & AGM_2019.png