NT COGSO Executive & Staff

Executive team

Tabby Fudge

President (Leave of Absence May 2020)
Tabby Fudge

School Board: Taminmin College
Contact: 0417 844 251

Tabby is a parent of two children attending a secondary school and is a member of their governing School Representative Body.  Re-elected for a third year as NTCOGSO President in 2019, having previously served as Treasurer and also Palmerston & Rural Regional Vice Chair. She has also served on the Australian Council of State Schools Organisation as the Northern Territory Director (2017).

Tabby is a strong advocate for public education who is committed to improving outcomes for Northern Territory students through a truly needs based funded public education system from the Northern Territory and Australian governments. 

"A properly resourced needs based public education system would greatly benefit our communities, both socially and economically. For every dollar we invest into public education, we save at least ten dollars in our health and welfare budgets."

In addition, Tabby is a member of the Northern Territory Board of Studies (NTBOS) as the Parent Representative: Term of Office - 30/12/17 to 30/12/20.

Acting President (from 27 May 2020)

Vice President
Noelene Armstrong

School Council: Stuart Park Primary
School Board: Darwin Middle School 
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Noelene is a parent of two children who attend Darwin Middle School and Stuart Park Primary School.

A passionate advocate for children with additional needs, Noelene believes that with the appropriate support in place, all children can feel safe and thrive in the school environment.

Noelene also has a strong interest in child mental health and wellbeing as a foundation to support learning.

Richelle Kent

School Council: Manunda Terrace Primary School
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Richelle is a born and bred Territorian. She attended both government and non-government schools in Darwin and has worked for the NT Government for over 10 years as a Sterilisation Technician.

Richelle has 3 children who all attend government schools. She began her School Council journey in 2013 at Driver Primary School as a Parent Member. She held the position of Treasurer on Karama Primary School Council and Batchelor Area School Council. She is currently the Treasurer of Manunda Terrace Primary School.

Richelle believes that parent and community involvement are crucial for schools to achieve better outcomes for students. She practices this belief by volunteering her time on school councils and attending all training sessions events held by NT COGSO.

Wayne Green

Barkly Region Representative
Wayne Green

School Councils: Tennant Creek Primary School and Tennant Creek High School
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Wayne is the Chair of Tennant Creek Primary School Council having served, over time, a total of ten years with the Council in addition to seven years on Tennant Creek High School Council. Wayne has three children across both local schools ranging from Year 3 to Year 10.

Wayne is a strong believer in the need for parent and community involvement in schools for better outcomes for students.

Karyn Laverty_.jpg

East Arnhem Region Representative
Karyn Laverty

School Council: Nhulunbuy High School
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Karyn is the Chair of Nhulunbuy High School, born and raised in Nhulunbuy and has two children attending Nhulynbuy High School in Years 8 & 9.

Karyn believes that young people live and learn in two worlds - home and school. The way the two connect and communicate can make an enormous difference to how children learn to manage in both places.

When schools and families work together, children do better, stay in school longer and are more engaged with their school work.

Noelene Armstrong

Darwin Region Representative
Noelene Armstrong

School Council: Stuart Park Primary
School Board: Darwin Middle School 
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Noelene is a parent of two children who attend Darwin Middle School and Stuart Park Primary School.

A passionate advocate for children with additional needs, Noelene believes that with the appropriate support in place, all children can feel safe and thrive in the school environment.

Noelene also has a strong interest in child mental health and wellbeing as a foundation to support learning.


Natasha O'Keefe

Katherine Region Representative
Natasha O'Keefe

School Council: Borroloola School
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Natasha is a Parent Member on Borroloola School Council and currently studying Certificate III in Early Childhood at Batchelor College. Natasha has been with Borroloola School for the past five years and enjoys working with children at the school and believes that education is the key for all children to learn and become independent life-long learners. She is passionate about her role as an Assistant Teacher and is looking forward to the day she graduates as an Early Childhood Teacher.

Natasha also participates in school events such as sport days, family fun days and any other important events held in the school.

Noela Anderson

Katherine Region Representative
Noela Anderson

School Council: Borroloola School
Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Noela is a Parent Member on Borroloola School Council and comes from two language groups; Garrwa and Yanyuwa and has spent her whole life in and around Borroloola.

Noela has been with Borroloola School for 18 years. Her first three years as a Tutor/Assistant Teacher and 15 years as the Home Liaison Officer which she still holds today.

Her role as Home Liaison Officer can be very challenging as she may oversee more than 300 students at the school on any given day. She provides support to her students on a daily basis; from helping them engage in the classroom to helping plan the schools Weekly Culture days. Noela loves her job.

Niki Elliot

Palmerston & Rural Region Representative
Nikki Elliott

School Council: Palmerston College Council
Contact: 0419 975 162 or (08) 8999 3255

Nikki emigrated to Darwin from England as a child. She is a successful product of the NT public education system and has worked for the NT Government as a Microbiologist for over 20 years.

Nikki has two children who both attend government schools. She has joined the Palmerston College Council as Treasurer.

"Parent, Teacher, School and Community collaboration is so vitally important in creating successful learning. Supporting and working together is the key to success for all our children."

For the past year, Nikki has developed a STEM partnership with Rosebery Primary School. "The students truly amaze me with their interest and enthusiasm to learn all things scientific."

Southern Region Representative
Lauren Winter

School Council: Centralian Senior College
Contact: (08) 8999 3255


Lauren has been involved with various schools in Alice Springs since 1995 when her first child commenced in preschool. Serving as a parent member on several School Councils, Parent committees and fundraising bodies, Lauren presently holds the position of Chair on Centralian Senior College

With a large family of 6 children and the two youngest currently at school, Lauren is passionate about public education both Territory and Australia wide.

Fred Richardson

Invited Member
Fred Richardson

Fred taught in NT TAFE/University for over 25 years and maintains a strong interest in the content, delivery and pedagogy of STEAM/STEM subjects in the NT Schools curriculum. He has lived in the NT since 1973. He represented NTCOGSO as the Southern Regional Representative for two years while his son was at Centralian Senior Secondary College and now serves as an Invited Member.  

"The NT Public School student achievement statistics have parity with, and regularly exceed, outcomes from those in the Private and Independent schools. This is a testament to the passion and professionalism of the NT public schools’ sector."

Fred also sits on the Northern Territory Board of Studies (NTBOS) as an Expert member: Term of Office - 30/12/17 to 30/12/20.

Public Officer
Fred Richardson

Contact: 0408 944 265

  1. The Public Officer must ensure that documents are filed with the Commissioner of Consumer Affairs in accordance with sections 23, 28 and 45 of the Act.
  2. The Public Officer must keep a current copy of the Constitution of the Council.

Invited Member
Dylan Robinson

Dylan is a former parent member of Nhulunbuy High School Council where his son attended school. Dylan is a strong advocate in the parity of opportunity for remote schooling communities.

Dylan believes that a strong, inclusive and enjoyable educational system will provide the key to a stronger future for today’s youth.

"If we cannot provide an enjoyable environment for our youth to learn and prosper, they will never truly enjoy to learn."


Michelle Parker

Executive Officer
Michelle Parker

Contact: (08) 8999 3255 or 0428 885 353

Michelle is responsible for supporting and enabling the Executive to fulfil its governance functions in line with NTCOGSO policy and constitution. Providing executive leadership, operational management and direction to achieve NTCOGSO's Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives.

With an extensive background in Governance and Compliance, School Business Management, Mediation and having held various positions on Education Boards and Associations, Michelle is a passionate advocate for the provision of high quality education without discrimination and on the basis of equal opportunity for every child.

Michelle has a son in middle school and is an Invited Member of two School Councils.


Alice Gawler


Project Manager Community Engagement and Governance
Alice Gawler

Contact: (08) 8999 3255 or 0477 111 196

Alice is the central point of contact in relation to governance training, school community engagement, mentoring support and advice to ensure the Governance Training Program outcomes are successfully achieved. 

Previously holding office bearer positions on a School Council combined with a background in business management, project and event management and governance training, Alice is passionate about enabling all school communities to establish and maintain genuine engagement and meaningful partnerships through best practice governance and decision making.

Training Officer

Contact: (08) 8999 3255

Marianne provides governance and mentoring support to School Representative Bodies and is passionate about supporting families, communities and schools to build their capacity in local decision making, engagement and participation.

Having spent the last three years supporting remote communities in Indigenous Land and Sea Management, Marianne also brings several years’ experience as an education officer and project coordinator supporting schools and their communities with mentorship, guidance and resource support.

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