Constitution & Policy

Current Constitution & Policies

The NT COGSO Constitution is currently being reviewed.

The NT COGSO 2014 Full Council meeting endorsed the following motion:
That the NT COGSO constitution and policies will be reviewed to address issues of modernisation and relevance.

The NT COGSO Executive formed a sub-committee to undertake the initial review, bringing the constitution in line with legislated requirements and prepared a reviewed constitution to take to school councils for consultation and feedback.

The review identified two stages to the process.  

To bring the constitution up to the compliance standard required by Department of Business (DoB).  This work was completed by consultants Matrix on Board and a Special General Meeting was held electronically with the closing date of 12 September 2015.  A quorum was reached which supported the motion and the constitution has been lodged with DoB.

Stage 2 
School Councils to review NT COGSO's Constitution for modernisation and relevance and feedback is now sought. 

To receive updates on the review of the NT COGSO constitution, please email NT COGSO at