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Update School Council Constitution

The new Education Act and Education Regulations commenced on 1 January 2016, providing a framework for delivering high quality, contemporary education to develop Northern Territory students’ potential and maximise their educational achievement.
The Act and Regulations, and further information sheets, are available online.   
While the majority of provisions commenced from 1 January 2016, there is a transitional period to allow for some changes to take effect at a later date. The provisions for School Representative Bodies came into effect from 1 April 2016. 

It is now a requirement under the Act that all school councils adopt the new model constitution by 30 September 2016.

The following documents are attached to assist with this process:

Templates and Guidelines


  • Guide to Governance for Northern Territory School Councils
    •     Beginning of Year Checklist (AGM preparation)
    •     Model School Council Constitution (being updated to new legislation)
    •     Guide to developing a code of conduct (for school councils)
    •     Template Code of Conduct
    •     Avoiding or Dealing with Conflict on School Council
    •     Sample Confidentiality Agreement (for School Council members)
    •     Standing Orders (for School Council meetings)
    •     Governance Health Check-up (How is your School Council going?)
    •     Education Act (Part 6)
    •     Education Regulations (for School Councils)

  • You're on a School Council... Now What?

'How to Guide' Companion Handbooks


Fiance Reports for Councils & Boards

School Council Finance

Other Useful Handbooks & Brochures

Training presentations and resources

Information Flyers