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COGSO has long argued for funding which actually meets the needs of our students and will continue to advocate for our schools.

NT Education Minister Eva Lawler has publicly said that the funding on offer is not enough.
New funding arrangements for schools announced by the federal government do not go far enough to provide a fair deal for Northern Territory children, says NT Education Minister Eva Lawler.
"I see this as the start of a long overdue conversation on the details to secure fair, equitable and sustainable funding for Territory schools," she said on Tuesday.
But the minister said she welcomed the announcement of further work by David Gonski to grow the evidence base of what works in schools.
"I invite the review panel to the Northern Territory to see first-hand the work we are doing to improve student outcomes," she said.

We will keep you posted as more detail is announced and analysed for Territory schools.

There will be a public “calculator” available in the next few days to enable parents and teachers to see how their school may be affected, announced by Federal Minister Education Simon Birmingham.  We will post the link to our Facebook page as soon as the calculator is released.

Note:  The Federal Budget will be released next Tuesday 9 May.